UFL-165AD Underwater Fisheye Conversion Lens


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AD Series Lens
Compatible Mount
AD Mount
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Bayonet type AD Mount

The UFL-165AD provides maximum angle of view underwater 165°and minimum focusing distance 0cm enabling you to shoot dynamic scenery and its greater depth of field benefits you to shoot wide macro photo with vibrant perspective.
Innovative compact size as an attachment fish-eye converter after minimizing the lens body size as INON AD Mount compatible underwater lens.
Together with pre-installed "Lens Hood" which suppresses ghost / flare and provides comfortable lens handling, "hard coating" on the lens surface protects from accidental damage.
Bayonet "AD Mount" compatible to support instant installation and speedy lens exchange underwater.
The UFL-165AD is attached on compatible camera / housing via "AD Mount Base" which is exclusively designed for each housing. (*1)
(*1) The UFL-165AD is designed for 35mm standard digital camera so not usable for 28mm wide digital camera.

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Attached via specific "AD Mount Base" for each camera/housing model.

Sample images

Extraordinarily wide view angle enables
you to capture big subjects dynamically
Minimum focus distance 0cm
gives you vigorous image

Maximum view angle 165.5°enables you to capture dynamic underwater world as it is. And minimum focal length of 0cm enhances deformation effect of fish-eye lens. Together with compact digital camera specific deep depth of field silhouette dynamic form of the subject. INON UFL-165AD Fish-eye conversion lens explores new imaging expression.

[When shooting with a fish-eye conversion lens]
*When shooting without an external strobe, it is recommended to use ambient light only instead firing the built-in flash since the built-in flash light will be blocked.
It is recommended to use compatible external strobe (Z-240, D-2000, S-2000 etc.) connected via "Clear Photo System".
*Set the camera to wide end. Zoom to telephoto side minimum necessary if you observe vignetting at wide end or crop the image after taking image. The lens is designed to get optimum performance at above setting.
*As a nature of ultra wide (fish-eye) conversion lens, there may be flare/ghost depending on position of light source (the sun / strobe etc.) or shooting condition.

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