Grip Base System

■Grip Base D5

 JAN Code:4562121439535

*Not compatible with Grip Base D4, Grip Base M1, System Base II or System Base III

Grip Base D5

Adjustable Handle Position for Variety Size of Housings
The handle position is adjustable sideways in 4 cm/1.6 inches range to use for compact housings as well as large SLR housings with comfortable handle position.

Range of motion

Durable yet Lightweight
Made of aluminum alloy die cast and multilayer rib structure design dramatically strength bend resistance and miniaturize at 20% comparing to previous model. Not to worry to get damaged by housing load.

Lightweight and durable

Reliable Installation without Tool
Two tripod screws enhance secure installation of the Grip Base D5 on a housing supporting stress-free operation in severe underwater. Large tripod screw dials are easy to turn by fingers without specific tool.

No tools required

Grippy Cylindrical Rubber Grip
The handle is finished with tubular rubber surface for easy and slip free grip.
Compatible with Variety of INON Adapters
The handle top can hold variety of INON adapters to suit to different shooting styles.

Setup examples
Direct Base IIa
Direct Base IIa
Z Adapter II
Z Adapter II
Direct Base III
Direct Base III
Direct Base YS RT
Direct Base YS RT
Shoe Base II
Shoe Base II

■D5 Holder

 JAN Code:4562121439542

D5 Holder

Additional handle for the Grip Base D5 to create sophisticated lighting system including dual strobe setup or combination of a strobe and LED torch etc.

M6 Base Tripod Screw Set

JAN Code:4562121439566

M6 Base Tripod Screw Set

Optional tripod screw set to attach the Grip Base D5 on INON Mount Base, Lens Adapter Base or Video Base.

Set Up Image

■D5 Base

 JAN Code:4562121439559

D5 Base

The tray part of the Grip Base D5 is separately available.

Grip Base D5 Options

Direct Base III

Direct Base III

Multi Direct Base IIa


Multi Direct Base IIa

Multi Direct Base II Long

Multi Direct Base II Long

Multi Direct Base II WB

Multi Direct Base II WB

Z Adapter II

A Adapter II

Direct Base YS RT

Direct Base YS RT

Shoe Base Adapte D4+Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC 

Shoe Base Adapter D4
Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC

Shoe Base Adapte D4+Shoe Base M6

Shoe Base Adapter D4
Shoe Base M6

Shoe Base Adapte D4+Shoe Base BALL

Shoe Base Adapter D4
Shoe Base BALL

Shoe Base Adapte D4+Shoe Base II

Shoe Base Adapter D4
Shoe Base II
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