High Quality LED Flashlight

The INON LED flashlight is equipped with Cree high intensity power LED in its compact hand-held body and produces amazing high power and beam coverage by boost up the module effectively.
When we look into white LED, some of them are biased towards green or blue. So we carefully check and select specific LED which carries same color temperature and color tone as natural light, for INON LED flashlights to use as lighting device for photography / videography.
General handy lighting device delivers light with brightest center spot and concentric darker layers and will have uneven exposure if we use such a product for photography / videography. The INON LED flashlight has natural beam characteristic where the device produces even and wide center part with smooth gradational layers which is ideal for photography / videography.

LE550-W Beam PatternLE550-W Beam PatternCree High-Power LEDCree High-Power LED

 High Quality Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Alloy Body

The light head and battery box is made from seawater resistant aluminum alloy as same as INON underwater housing to combine super rigidity and high quality.

High Quality Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Alloy Body

 120m Depth Rating Supported by Reliable and Time-Proven Double O-ring

The battery loading part and the switch is constructed separately. The switch is simple yet reliable to support faultless ON/OFF operation and has a stopper to prevent accidental flooding by loosening the switch too much.
Both of the battery loading part and the switch carries double O-ring structure with oil-migrant O-ring which is used for INON underwater strobe as well to minimize accidental flooding and support 120m depth rating(*).

(*)Functionality has been tested up to 84m depth by rebreather diving.

Double oil-migrant O-ringDouble oil-migrant O-ring Rear switch with a stopperRear switch with a stopper

 Innovative Electrical Contact Design

Original "phosphor-bronze" plate spring is equipped on a light head to keep reliable contact with a battery box, and "LE700-W", "LE700-S" and the LF series further fits gold coating on the battery box contact as well. So maintenance of the electrical contacts is not necessary under standard usage.

Phosphor-bronze plate springPhosphor-bronze plate springGold coated electrical contactGold coated electrical contact

 Wide Selection of Accessory

Wide variety of optional accessories is available including different types of light holder products "Single" "Double"and capacious "Quad" to attach LE series LED flashlight on a camera/camcorder. Using two or four LE series products supports not only producing more light but also supporting sophisticated control of light amount and angle of coverage by selecting which one to use and using filters.

Quad Light Holder LEQuad Light Holder LEStrobe Light Holder LEStrobe Light Holder LE