■SD Front Mask STD

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SD Front Mask STD
SD Front Mask STD Front Rear Bottom

The SD Front Mask STD is a simple solution to add an attachment lens or arm system on GoPro® Standard Housing - 131' (40m).

■Compatible GoPro® cameras

  • HERO+
  • HERO


  • HERO4

--In combination with packaged Standard Housing - 131' (40m)

  • HERO3+

--In combination with packaged Standard Housing - 131' (40m)

  • HERO3

--In combination with optional Standard Housing - 131' (40m)

●SD Mount Bayonet with Locking System

Equipped with INON "SD Mount" bayonet system with additional locking feature to support easy and speedy exchange as well as reliable installation of INON "UFL-G140 SD underwater semi-fisheye conversion lens" or "UCL-G165 SD underwater wide close-up lens" designed exclusively for an action camera like GoPro®. Of course the SD Front Mask STD is usable without any attachment lens.

SD Mount supports speedy lens exchange


●Lightweight Reinforced Plastic

Made of reinforced plastic (FRP) for durability and not to compromise benefit of lightweight GoPro® camera. Easy to install to snap on the front of a housing and fix with a thumbscrew.

Lightweight Reinforced Plastic



The SD Front Mask STD can hold INON "Direct Base III", "Z Joint", "Z Adapter MV" or "Shoe Base M6" at its bottom surface to install GoPro® camera on various systems for broad application. Packaged "Male Adapter (GoPro) for SD Mount Base/SD Front Mask" can be attached on bottom of this product utilizes your GoPro® compatible accessories.




Packaged "Mount Adapter for SD Mount Base/SD Front Mask" enables to add the optional "D Holder" on the left side for steady underwater imaging.

the optional D Holder on the left side


●Tripod Shooting

Packaged "Mount Adapter for SD Mount Base/SD Front Mask" further enables to attach the SD Front Mask STD on a tripod or monopod.

Tripod Shooting


●LCD/Battery BacPac™ compatibility

The SD Mount Cage can accommodate with LCD Touch BackPac™, Battery BackPac™.

LCD/Battery BacPac compatibility

Size 67.9mm/2.7in (W) × 79.3mm/3.1in (H) × 37.8mm/1.5in (D) (including protruded parts)
Weight [air] 42g/1.5oz
[underwater] approx. 13g/0.5oz
Material/finishing Polycarbonate, POM etc.


[When using SD Front Mask STD]
* Compatible housing is GoPro® genuine "Standard Housing - 131' (40m)" and "HERO+LCD", "HERO+", "HERO". The GoPro® "Dive Housing – 197' (60m)" packaged with "GoPro® HERO3" is not compatible. The "GoPro® HERO4/HERO3+" is packaged with the "Standard Housing - 131' (40m)".
* When using on land, set FOV mode other than [Ultra Wide] or use without the SD Front Mask STD to prevent vignetting observed mainly in Ultra Wide mode even without an attachment lens. (No vignetting underwater)
* Both UFL-G140 SD and UCL-G165 SD are designed for underwater use only and not usable on land.


Compatible Accessories

D Holder

D Holder

Direct Base III

Direct Base III

Z Joint

Z Joint

Z Adapter MV

Z Adapter II

Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC

Shoe Base M6

LED flashlight

LED flashlight

Arm System

Carbon Telescopic Arm

bon Telescopic Arm

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