Single Strobe Set

Single [Z-330] set supporting flexible lighting with extended strobe arm.

Attach single Z-330 strobe on an extended arm from the Grip Base M1 offering flexible and more precise lighting angle.
Having a Carbon Telescopic Arm gives you step less adjustment in length.
The Z-330 delivers powerful and consistent strobe light corner to corner captured by a wide lens.
■On-board LED Focus Light assists reliable focusing in dark underwater.

* Compatible attachment lens varies depending on camera model. Check lens product page for detail.

Digital SLR Dual Strobe Set

Dual [Z-330] set to utilize high performance of a digital SLR.

Digital SLR Dual Strobe Set

■Part Configuration 
1) Z-330 Strobe x2
2) X-2 Housing x2
3) Holder II Grip Set
4) Optical D Cable Type L x2
5) Multi Direct Base IIa
6) Multi Direct Base II Long
7) Clamp x4
8) Float Arm x2
9) Z Adapter II x2

Dual Z-330 strobes attached on extended arms support advanced lighting utilizing Z-330’s high power and wide coverage.
Both wide and macro imaging is supported by selecting suitable arm length.
Z-330’s powerful and even light distribution captures vivid underwater world through ultra wide lens.
On-board LED Focus Light assists reliable focusing in dark underwater.

Film Camera TTL Connection

Connecting to conventional film camera via 5 pin sync connector.

Film Camera TTL Connection

■Part Configuration 
1) Z-330 Strobe
2) Holder II Set
3) Multi Direct Base IIa
4) Clamp
5) Z Adapter II

■Connecting to an underwater camera / housing which is equipped with Nikonos 5 pin sync connector via an electrical cable supporting TTL auto shooting.

* When connecting [Z-330] and digital SLR camera system via an electrical cable. TTL Auto is not usable. Use Manual.