Model D-200 Type2
Strobe Control Mode (*1) S-TTL Auto / TTL Auto / Manual
Connection (*1) Optical connection (Optical D Cable, wireless)
Settable Flash Output
Guide Number (*2)
FULL [1/1 (20)], -0.5 [1/1.4 (17)], -1 [1/2 (14)], -1.5 [1/2.8 (12)], -2 [1/4 (10)], -2.5 [1/5.6 (8.4)], -3 [1/8 (7.1)], -3.5 [1/11 (5.9)], -4 [1/16 (5.0)], -4.5 [1/22 (4.2)], -5 [1/32 (3.5)], -5.5 [1/45 (3.0)], -6 [1/64 (2.5)] (13 steps in 1/2EV.)
Beam Angle (*3) 110º x 110º circular beam [flash light]
30º   [Focus Light]
Focus Light Intensity 220lm (*4)
Color Temp. Approx. 5500K  [flash light / without Strobe Dome Filter SOFT]
Approx. 5400K  [flash light / with Strobe Dome Filter SOFT]
5300 to 6000K  [Focus Light (*4)]
Recycle Time
(*5) (*7)
Approx. 1.3 seconds minimum   ["eneloop" batteries]
Approx. 1.3 seconds minimum   ["eneloop pro" batteries]
Approx. 1.6 seconds minimum   [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 2.3 seconds minimum   [Lithium (1.5V) batteries]
Flash Capacity
(*5) (*7)
Approx. 410 flashes   ["eneloop" batteries]
Approx. 540 flashes   ["eneloop pro" batteries]
Approx. 350 flashes   [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 670 flashes   [Lithium (1.5V) batteries]
Focus Light Run Time
(*6) (*7)
Approx. 2 hrs 35 min   ["eneloop" batteries]
Approx. 3 hrs 30 min   ["eneloop pro" batteries]
Approx. 3 hrs 15 min   [Alkaline batteries]
Approx. 4 hrs 20 min   [Lithium (1.5V) batteries]
Compatible Batteries AA "eneloop" (BK-3MCC) [recommended] x 4
AA "eneloop pro" (BK-3HCD) [recommended] x 4
AA NiMH (*8) x 4
AA Alkaline x 4
AA Lithium (1.5V) x 4
[excluding protruded parts]
Diameter: 102mm/4.0in, Hight: 131mm/5.2in, Depth: 125mm/4.9in (without Strobe Light Shade / Strobe Dome Filter SOFT)
Diameter: 111mm/4.4in, Hight: 131mm/5.2in, Depth: 129mm/5.1in (with Strobe Light Shade)
Weight (air) 572g/20.1oz (without Strobe Light Shade / Strobe Dome Filter SOFT / batteries)
723g/25.5oz (with Strobe Light Shade / 4 x "eneloop" batteries)
Weight (U/W) (*9) Approx. 7g/0.2oz (with Strobe Light Shade / 4 x "eneloop" batteries)
Working Temperature 0ºC - 30ºC / 32ºF - 8ºF (water temperature)
Storage Temperature 0ºC - 30ºC / 32ºF - 86ºF (air temperature)
+50ºC/122ºF (temporary allowable temperature limit)
Depth Rating 100m / 328ft
Body Material / Color Polycarbonate resin / red
Package Contents Strobe Light Shade, Strobe Dome Filter SOFT, Repeated Flashes Limitation Sticker, INON Grease, Spare O-ring (Battery Box)
As of June 2021. Specifications/product design/price subject to change without prior notice.

(*1) Compatible flash mode/connection method varies depending on combined camera system and usable flash mode differs depending on connection method.
(*2) Measurement in air/ISO100 at 1m without "Strobe Dome Filter SOFT", nominal value.
(*3) Underwater, nominal value.
(*4) Calculated from a spec. chart of LED manufacture, nominal value.
(*5) Measured with FULL strobe output at 30-second intervals with both Focus Light and Advanced Cancel Circuit OFF, at 25°C/77°F with test batteries giving 5 minutes cooling period every 50 flashes.
(*6) Run time is accumulated time of continuous mode with 5 minutes cooling period every 30 minutes at 25°C/77°F with test batteries.
(*7) Recycle Time/Flash Capacity/Focus Light run time based on INON test data. Actual values may vary using different battery manufacturer, battery type etc.
(*8) Not all Ni-MH batteries are confirmed compatible as some "conventional" or "high-capacity" NiMH rechargeable batteries have significant self-discharge and heat-generating characteristic causing difficulty to keep their performance during usage. Only when "eneloop" or "eneloop pro" batteries are not available, use good quality of Ni-MH rechargeable battery having less problem described above.
(*9) Measured in fresh water (25ºC/77ºF), nominal value. 

Test battery

"eneloop" battery Panasonic "eneloop", BK-3MCC, 1.2V, Min.1,900mAh
"eneloop pro" battery Panasonic "eneloop pro", BK-3HCD, 1.2V, Min.2,500mAh
Alkaline battery Panasonic "EVOLTA NEO", LR6(NJ), 1.5V
Lithium (1.5V) battery Energizer LITHIUM, FR6, 1.5V