Stress-free Control Layout

S-TTL Auto Strobe System Fully Supported

Lightweight and Ergonomic Crrosiom Resistant Aluminom Alloy Body

Multi Coated Optical Lens Port Compatibility

Leak Sensor Warn You Flooding by red LED and Buzzer

Well Balanced Design between Underwater Weight and Down Sizing

Durable Body Coating

MRS Port Controlling Lens Barrel by Magnet Attraction

X-2 for GF1 WT

■X-2 for GF1 WT [Discontinued]

X-2 for GF1 BK

■X-2 for GF1 BK [Discontinued]

*Above images are prototype model and may be different from mass product model

Optional Factory Modification

■Leak sensor installation

Leak sensor installationclick to enlargeOptional leak sensor installed on the X-2 for GF1
Installation of the Leak Sensor which warns you with red LED and buzzer in case of accidental flooding.

X-2 for GF1 System Chart