Arm System

Arm System

INON offers wide selection of strobe arm products to adjust strobe distance and its angle for creative and sophisticated lighting to suit to your camera, subject and shooting style.
●Easy & Steady Lighting●
Once INON D-2000/Z-240/S-2000 receives built-in flash light from combined digital camera, the strobe needs to be properly aimed at a subject. However unstable condition underwater could make this rather difficult and we never have same situation since subject and environment alternates continuously. Lovely scene or subject doesn't wait until you are ready. So Strobe Arm is an essential photographic equipment not to miss the perfect shot.

Setup Example

Shoot with Easy Handy system

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Single strobe set to start external strobe shooting easily
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Shoot with Multiple Lighting system

compact digital camera system
Expands compact digital camera system
with extended arms or multiple strobes
digital SLR housing system
Expandable optional accessories reliably support
digital SLR housing
Multiple Lighting system chart
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Shoot Video in Bright Light

LE series LED flashlight usage
LF series LED flashlight usage
Wide variety of accessories to use
vital LED flashlight for videography
LE series LED flashlight chart
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LF series LED flashlight chart
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